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Dining at Grand Mercure Bangkok Fortune is an invitation to culinary pleasure and the only difficulty is in deciding which cuisine to enjoy first.
  • one-rachada-world-restaurant

    One Rachada World Restaurant

    Serving up a delicious international buffet, One Rachada World Restaurant provides all-day dining in stylish and cozy environs. Our famous international...

  • agehan-japanese-restaurant

    Agehan Japanese Restaurant

    Stylishly designed Agehan Japanese Restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of Grand Mercure Bangkok Fortune, serving exquisite and authentic Japanese cuisine...

  • nan-yuan-chinese-restaurant

    Nan Yuan Chinese Restaurant

    Delicious and authentic Chinese cuisine is not only healthy but, according to traditional beliefs, brings good fortune simply by eating it! Enjoy the...

  • metro-lounge

    Metro Lounge

    Settle back into comfy chairs and relax with expertly prepared cocktails and a full selection of premium wines and spirits at our Metro Lounge Bar on the...

  • fortune-baker

    Fortune Baker

    No time to sit and enjoy a lunch or diner around a table? Fortune Baker is the perfect stop for a quick grab and go. With a wide selection of salads and...

  • in-room-dining

    In-Room Dining

    Enjoy the very best of our excellent restaurants with an extensive list of culinary delights, available 24 hours a day and delivered directly to the privacy...

  • chilean-wine-tasting

    Chilean Wine Tasting

    Chile is well known as a New World Wine Producer. In the 16thcentury, the Spanish brought their grape vines with them as they colonized the region. Then in the mid-19th century,...

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  • giant-black-crab-from-the-south-of-thailand

    Giant Black Crab from the South...

    The Giant Black Crab is a rare delicacy; a huge, elusive crustacean which is found in the depths of the oceans and famed for its great flavour. Crab is bursting full of...

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  • must-try-of-the-month

    Must try of the month

    Jackfruit, or “Khanoon” in Thai, is one of the most popular fruits in Thailand and comes into season around the middle of the year. For those with a sweet tooth and...

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  • summer-coolers

    Summer Coolers

    Watermelon is a delicious and refreshing fruit that's also exceedingly good for you. It contains just 46 calories per cup but is high in vitamin C, vitamin A and many healthy...

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  • a-flavour-of-singapore

    A Flavour of Singapore

    Throughout its history, Singapore has always been recognized as a cultural melting pot with a thriving Chinese community. These Chinese settlers adapted and updated authentic...

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  • a-celebration-of-specialties-from-6-continents

    A celebration of Specialties...

    Outstanding ‘One Rachada World Restaurant’ provides the perfect venue for convivial meals with colleagues and friends whilst enjoying delicious a la carte cuisine or daily...

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  • special-birthday-package

    Special Birthday Package

    Bring family and friends to enjoy our fabulous Birthday Package! Savour the exquisite cuisine at one of our acclaimed restaurants: Our excellent Agehan Japanese Restaurant,...

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  • dim-sum-buffet

    Dim Sum Buffet

    A delicious Dim Sum lunch buffet is served daily from 12:00 to 14:30 for 750++ baht per person only.

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  • live-music-at-metro-lounge

    Live Music at Metro Lounge

    Gently accompanied by her acoustic guitar, talented Khun Rotring will enchant your evening with pop and folk songs, interpreted with her own magical touch!...

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  • japanese-buffet-a-la-carte

    Japanese Buffet A la carte

    What is a Buffet a la Carte? It is a concept that gives guests the delightful opportunity to taste as many items as they like from a menu of selected favourites. The portions...

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  • international-lunch-buffet

    International Lunch Buffet

    Enjoy a mouthwatering buffet of international cuisines and a delicious selection of salads daily from 12:00 to 14:30 for 750++ baht per person only. Special promotion only...

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  • japanese-lunch-buffet

    Japanese Lunch Buffet

    Enjoy an exquisite selection of sushi, sashimi, noodles, soups, a Teppanyaki station and traditional favourites from 12:00 to 14:30 for THB 750++ per person. Special...

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